Born August 10, 2022. 55 Ibs & 27" at the withers. 

Honey is a calm, sweet, and independent puppy. He's been learning a bit of fetch but his favorite this is to carry around his toys. He adores young children and gets along great wit other dogs. He loves going on walks and spending time with people. He's looking for a home that will fit his calm nature.  If you're interested in learning more about him or meeting him (in person or over face time) give me a call or fill out the form on the Application & Info page. 


•Leash trained– They have been taught to loose leash walk and are working on a more formal heel.
•Fully crate trained– They love their crates, often putting them selves to bed and sleeping through the night. They are also crated sometimes during the day when I leave, cleaning, and for nap time.
•Car rides– these pups have been on many care rides, both crated and secured with harness and seatbelt, and love going on rides on our side-by-side ATV's. They love going sight seeing.
•Basic Obedience– They know basic commands and some fun ones. We're also working on some "place" work. And seeing foundations for shaping and luring training methods.
•Potty Trained– They have been taught to go outside and with a cue word. With the help of the crate and a good schedule they rarely, if ever, have accidents in the house.
•Puppy Shots– They've completed all four sets of puppy shots.  

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